Gold Contributor!

You decide how much to pay.

Show your support of BadWolfMC with the Gold package! For a minimum of $25 this package will grant you the "[Gold]" prefix in game, good for the lifetime of your Minecraft account, and the following perks:   

  • No more TP timer! Go where you want when you want to!
  • 5 sethome locations and 10 100x100 residences!
  • 6 123x123 plots on the creative world!
  • Craft most 3x3 blocks from ingots and dust with the /condense command!
  • Wear any block as a hat! Just use the /hat command.

This package also comes with one free month of Diamond rank! This will not auto-renew, so you'll need to subscribe to one of the diamond packages to keep these perks coming! This free month will grant you the "[Diamond]" prefix in game and the following perks:

  • All of the Gold Contributor perks
  • 2-Hour AFK Kick (normally 10 min.)
  • 8 123x123 plots on the creative world!
  • 10 sethomes and 15 100x100 residences.
  • Backpacks! Open a shulker box directly from your inventory with a shift+right-click!
  • Custom color nickname! (message an admin in game to set your nick)
  • Customize chat & signs! (using vanilla color codes)
  • Get a pet! Your choice from most mob types.
  • More perks to come!

Warning! If you're currently enjoying the free month of [Diamond] associated with your [Gold] purchase, purchasing an additional [Diamond] package will override any time left on the free month and may cause some command derps. It's best to let your free month expire first.